Hay and Alfalfa Hay Cubes For Sale

Save money with Alfalfa Hay Cubes
Be assure of 15% protein with Alfalfa Hay Cubes

Alfalfa Hay Cubes comes in 50 lbs bags or 1,000 lbs tots. 


Easy Rite Bales are 16X18X32 and weight 55 lbs.

Easy Rite Bales are shipped on pallets – 36 bales to a pallet.

Easy Rite Bales are plastic wrapped.

We have horse hay and all types of hay and all sizes of bales of hay.

Hay and more Hay and more Hay. All kinds of hay and all sizes of hay bales.

Hay for Horses and Cattle and Hay for highway construction.

Hay from all parts of the US and shipped to all parts of the US.

We buy and sell hay nationwide - Round Bales, 4X4, 4X3, 3X3 and Easy Rite Bales.

Bob Moore Hay Sales



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